YAC | GreenLab finalist

Isaac Scaramella, Eldjon Greveni, irene girelli, Vincenzo Montefusco, Bernardo Robles Hidalgo

Rather than a radical and definitive overhaul of the existing building, our intention is to conduct a series of interventions that will cumulatively allow it to function as a place of learning, production and exchange in the field of the arts – a cultural counterpart to the adjacent sporting hub of Bologna Calcio.

We call such interventions “ingredients”. The ingredients vary in size and intention. They address, among others,questions of accessibility, the flow of people through the space, and the visibility of the centre. We acknowledge that the success of this space relies on its capacity to catalyse its users (both visitors and staff) to appropriate, re-imagine, deconstruct and conceive it.

“The Ingredients”. Here we explain in more detail some of the key ingredients. Curtains All the curtains envisioned for this space are based on the same principle (they divide, filter or isolate spaces). Different fabrics can serve different purposes here: nets for security, transparent materials to provide shading of coloured filters, thick fabrics to absorb sound, fire proof materials for safety and white screens for projections etc.